Meet the Team

BoldheadStudio is a small indie studio with only two core people: Inga & Timo.

We are perfectionists with creative visions, but strongly grounded in production realities.

Timo Hilger

Developer & Artist

A game industry veteran with many years experience.
He started out as a concept artists, turned to becoming 3d generalist along the way, worked as Art Director and Freelance Artist for Ad agencies.

After all of that he turned towards his new passion: developing games, which he now pursues fulltime with StarBoost after gaining experience in the bio-tech domain of game development.

He is also a long-time teacher and lecturer in Germany and Austria.

Inga Schäfer

World Building & Story

Being an exceptionally talented opera singer and musician, Inga brings some very unique voices into the studio.
She is a creative force and tirelessly follows her visions until they have manifested and live up to her very high standards.

This is a great driving force behind all of the studio’s projects.

She is focusing her energy next to being on stage and performing by coming up with story, gameplay ideas and also building the worlds for StarBoost.

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