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We offer a strong lineup in every discipline of art making for a production in games or movies. Wether it´s pre-bis concept art or a fully fledged game-ready model ready to implement into the engine - we have the team to meet every challenge and on top of that keep the line of communication really short and efficient. This is crucial for every deadline-oriented task and overall consistency.

Following is a short description of the different branches  we take on. Depending on the project or client, we do one or all of the disciplines involved.

Concept Art

It´s the meat and bones of every production and serves a multitude of functions: it aids in shaping a creative and concise vision unique to the project. Furthermore it ensures everyone involved in the art creation pipeline is in the same boat and has a strong reference of what the end goal should look like. Besides that cool concept art helps in teasing the community long before a project is ready to be shipped as a promotional tool.

All of our 2d artists have a strong background in creating concept art for various titles and companies and we´re hot on making your project look as great as it can be.


Making a compelling sculpt is a art in itself and in the commercial arena often a necessary means to get to an end that meets the highest bar in artistic quality. We have a very experienced sculptor in our ranks that brings all the models to life and can create everything from a human face to a giant robotic mech. Often a sculpt is used for rapid prototyping in pre vis, so speed is of the essence and we love to rise up to the challenge.

Sculpting in Zbrush
Boldheadstudio - art outsourcing for games, movies and advertisement

3d Production

If you are working on a movie, cinematic or game - we´ll bring all the characters and creatures to life. In a regular workflow this consists of: sculpting and modeling, retopology to get a lower resolution model, making UVs, painting textures and separating materials. All of these steps lead to a final model which we deliver in a competitive quality that fulfills the highest standarts.


Our team consists of highly skilled artists, most with a traditional background in oil painting. Wether it´s key art for promotional material for different companies or an inspired piece to illustrate a specific moment in a story - you can be sure we have the right guy to bring it to existence.

Boldheadstudio - art outsourcing for games, movies and advertisement

If you want to get in touch simply write us an email or use the contact form. We´ll find an individual sollution for your creative need tailored to your project.

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