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What we do

art outsourcing for games, movies and advertisement

We offer a strong lineup of artists that are experienced in all the disciplines involved in getting high quality and competitive artwork that a production needs in order to succeed in a fast paced market and to fulfill all the ever-growing expectations of today´s consumers.

Meet the Team

Timo Hilger

Executive Partner - Generalist

Inga Schäfer

Art Director - Vision Keeper
portrait of Sven Dekubanowski

Sven Dekubanowski

2d Artist
portrait of Christof Grobelski

Christof Grobelski

2d Artist

Boldheadstudio is a fusion of individual artists that have a lot of experience working in the entertainment industry both inhouse and as freelancers. Knowing each other both privately and professionaly for many years, the team has looked for ways to combine all the individual experiences and skills and take on challenging big projects together and still enjoy the camaraderie and exchange that´s often lost when working away long hours in isolation.

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